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Animal Control

Our Animal Control Officer (ACO) is Ann Greenlaw.  You may contact her through the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department at 945-4636.

A town's ACO deals primarily with domestic animal complaints - strays, lost animals, bites, etc.  Issues dealing with wild animals should be addressed to the game warden, which you can contact through the State Police at 866-2121.

If you suspect somebody of neglect and/or cruelty, please contact the Sheriff's Department at 945-4636 (they will get in touch with our ACO) or contact the Department of Animal Welfare at 287-3846. If you think a farm animal (horse, goat, cow, chicken(s), etc.) is being neglected or if you have a complaint about them, please call the Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Division at the above number. 

Rules related to dogs:

Dogs over 6 months of age must be licensed with the town.  Licenses renew annually in December.  Fees are $ 6 for altered animals & $ 11 for unaltered animals.  Late fees are assessed after January 31st.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to license your dog.

Milford has a noise ordinance which addresses the issue of barking dogs.  Citations may be issued if your dog's barking becomes a nuisance.

Please clean up after your dog while out walking.  Dog feces placed into or allowed to drain into the storm water system flow directly to the Penobscot River - which creates bacterial contamination.  Dog feces left in the area of Chaisson Field exposes student athletes to these bacterial contaminants.

Dogs are not allowed to roam.  Please maintain control of your animal - keeping them on your property with training, a leash, fence, or kennel.  If you are walking your pet, they must be under your control at all times using a leash or voice command.

Want a new pet or find that you can no longer care for your "old friend"?  Contact the Bangor Humane Society at 942-8902 or visit their website for more information.

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