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Budget information

Annually, the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager, working with department heads, prepare a budget for the upcoming year.  From this budget, the town meeting warrant articles for appropriations are prepared.  Warrant articles are voted on by the Town at the annual town meeting.

The municipal budget is broken down into several categories which are voted on at town meeting.  These categories include:

  • General Government, which includes the Board of Selectmen, Town Office Administration, Elections, Planning Board, Finance Department, Assessing, Code Enforcement, Municipal Building Expenses, as well as the Contingency fund for emergency or unexpected expenses during the year.
  • Health and Welfare, which includes the Health Officer and the General Assistance program.
  • Public Safety, which includes the Sheriff's Department contract, Fire Department, Ambulance Contract, Street Lights, Animal Control, Emergency Management, and Hydrant Rentals.
  • Public Works, including Roads & Bridges, Stormwater Management and Waste Management
  • Culture & Recreation, including the Old Town Library Reimbursement program for library card vouchers, Parks- including the playground & Chaisson Field, and the Recreation Program - including the Snowmobile Club Public funds and grant matching funds
  • Debt Service, which includes repayment of loans that the Town may have outstanding
  • County Taxes paid to Penobscot County annually
  • Cemeteries
  • Service Organizations

2014-2015 Budget as Approved June 17, 2014

The municipal budget also includes the local appropriation for the school, as approved by the annual town meeting.

Reports are given to the Board of Selectmen on a monthly basis which include the approved budget amount, Expenses paid to date, and budget amount remaining.  These reports are also available to the public at any time through the Town Office.

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