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Code Enforcement

Welcome!! Michael Falvey as Milford's new Code Enforcement Officer. 

The scheduled office hours for the CEO is on Wednesday from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.  Additional hours may be provided if needed or if appointments become necessary.

Service requests may be setup thru the Town Office by calling 827-2072.

 The following permit applications are available in the Town Office:

  • Land use/building permit - building permits are required whenever you change the footprint of your structure. This includes adding decks, "placing" a shed which you bought from a store, or siting a new mobile home. It also includes demolishing any structure or portion thereof. The price for a construction permit is 20c per square foot.
    Highway opening permit
  • Junk yard/auto graveyard permit - these permits renew annually in October. Fees range from $ 50 - $ 200, depending on location. The permits must be approved and issued by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Demolition permits - this is a no cost permit which allows us to keep your assessment records updated for the removal of structures.  Beginning January 1, 2009, this permit will be required to dispose of demolition debris at the transfer station.
  • Subdivision permit - the fees for these permits depend on the number of units within the proposed subdivision.
Zoning Map



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