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Beginning in 2002, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) began an education program to help prevent the spread of non-indigeneous invasive plants to Maine.

This education program is funded, in part, through the sale of Lake and Water Protection Stickers, commonly known as "Milfoil stickers" or "Weed stickers".  This sticker was required in addition to the registration sticker for all motorized watercraft not in tidal waters.  In 2008, IF&W combined the registration sticker and the "Milfoil" sticker.

Non-indigeneous invasive plants have spread through most states.  Their spread occurs primarily through boating activity - when watercraft is moved from waterbody to waterbody without being cleaned.  One plant can permanently infest an entire lake.  Invansive plants are impossible to remove once they are established.  They spread rapidly - and are often carried on boats, motors, trailers, and fishing gear.  They can survive out of water for several days.

More information regarding invasive species may be found on the IF&W & DEP websites.

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